Program Description

Social Clubhouse is an individualized, outcome-oriented mental health service which provides a comprehensive structured, non-residential, interdisciplinary treatment and psychiatric rehabilitation program in the communuity setting to assist consumers who have serious mental illness in order to increase or maximize their independence and community living skills and enhance the quality of their lives. 


Our services are for individuals age 18 and older with a primary psychiatric disorder that is accompanied by an impaired ability to perform living, learning, working and/or social roles. 


Our services support consumer stabilization and community integration and is an alternative to more intensive acute interventions.  We provide active treatment and psychiatric rehabilitation for consumers who do not require inpatient hospitalization but would benefit greatly from a supportive and structured program. 

About Us

Social Clubhouse is a partial care day program for adults diagnosed with mental illness and substance use disorder. We're open daily Monday through Friday from 9:10 am to 3:50 pm. Our primary focus is to assist our members in finding their strengths and potential in order to enjoy an improved quality of life.


Contact Information

Phone: (973) 376-2500


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