Services Provided

Social Clubhouse provides a range of service to effectively meet the holistic needs of its clients.  Service provision may be coordinated with other service providers.

  • Transportation door-to-door in Union, Essex, and Hudson counties and surrounding areas.
  • Case Management Services/ Counseling  including goal planning, evaluation, service delivery, and person conseling. 
  • Psycho-educational Services for clients to include mental health and medication education.
  • Pre-vocational Work Unit and Pre-Vocational Group are provided in the context of the partial care program in order to assist consumers in acquiring general work and behaviors, attitudes and skills needed to prepare them for work in the community.  Consumer skills are documented and evaluated and when ready, consumers are recommended to outside agencies for job placement. 
  • Pre-Vocational Computer Unit is provided for consumers to learn basic computer skills they may need for a job in the community.
  • MICA (Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers) is designed to provide education and supports consumers having a documented history of alcohol and/or drug abuse in order for them to prevent relapse.  Daily MICA groups closely follow the guidelines detailed in the 12 steps of recovery and therefore corroborate with NA/AA meetings in the community.  Voluntary drug and alcohol screenings are takes twice a week.  Individuals in need of more than one hour per day of MICA will be referred to more intensive programs. 
  • Social/Recreational Services include Self-Expression through Dance, Music and Art, Relationship Group, Team Sports and Health/Awareness/Exercise. 
  • Psychiatric Services include assessment and ongoing treatment supervision overseen by staff psychiatrist and nurse.  Medication monitoring can be provided by our psychiatrist. 
  • Limited Medical Services include on-premise blood-work for medication monitoring, closely monitored Clozaril program and medication by staff and/or psychiatrist. 

The following services are based on consumer’s individual needs.  Social Clubhouse may participate in service planning, resolving identified issues, and advocating on behalf of the consumer, as appropriate.  All services are not directly provided.

  • Basic Need-Oriented Services include assisting consumers in procuring needed food, clothing, shelter, and income benefits. 
  • Health Care Services include assisting in procurement of treatment and education about health care and medication through the use of services provided by local clinics, area hospitals and community organizations. 
  • Natural Support System Services include consultation and education with families, friends, and landlords.  Linking consumers to self-help groups and helping consumers connect with community services. 
  • Financial Services include teaching Money Management and Budgeting and procurement of income benefits. 
  • Other Pre-Vocational Services include linking consumers with the appropriate sheltered employment, supported employment, job training, job placement or volunteer work. 
  • Consumer Outreach and Linkage Services to facilitate new consumer’s participation in the program, to re-engage consumers and to promote continuity of programming for consumers who are hospitalized during the course of their participation in our Program. 
  • Residential Services to link consumers with community residences, boarding homes, supervised housing, and apartments. 
  • Acute Care Services include referring consumers to in-patient services when it is deemed appropriate.  

About Us

Social Clubhouse is a partial care day program for adults diagnosed with mental illness and substance use disorder. We're open daily Monday through Friday from 9:10 am to 3:50 pm. Our primary focus is to assist our members in finding their strengths and potential in order to enjoy an improved quality of life.


Contact Information

Phone: (973) 376-2500


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