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Social Clubhouse is committed to the principles of wellness and recovery and embrace the following Goals and Objectives:


  1. To help each consumer visualize, develop, and obtain their own measurable state of wellness and recovery, including but not limited to sobriety.

  2. To be person-centered in the process of developing and restoring a meaningful and productive self-identity.

  3. To encourage consumer self-determination and autonomy throughout recovery.

  4. To facilitate effective multidisciplinary team and support system communication for all consumers.

  5. To remain an easily accessible program for all consumers.

  6. To implement effective protocols allowing the flexibility needed to meet individual consumer needs.

  7. To be supportive of consumer’s positive risks toward promotion of independence.

  8. To provide a humane and respectful environment by being active listeners and effective communicators.

  9. To provide a broad range of support, including those from consumer’s peers and through mutual self-help.

  10. To implement and integrate effective and relevant theoretical approaches and best practices to counseling and recovery allowing the ability to meet the needs of all consumers.

  11. To foster a sense of purpose, productivity, fulfilment, and meaning in the lives of each consumer.

  12. To promote informed consumerism and work from a strengths-based focus.



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