Social Clubhouse provides a range of service to effectively meet the holistic needs of its clients.  Service provision may be coordinated with other service providers.

Group Counseling

  • We offer client centered, solution focused intensive group counseling. 

  • Improve self-esteem, productive thought process, anger management, stress management, symptom management, relapse prevention, and coping skills

Individual Counseling

  • Individual Counseling for substance use and mental health issues.

  • Your clinician  will partner with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for goal achievement and recovery.

  • Safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to discuss psycho-social issues impacting treatment & recovery

  • Family Counseling focused on supporting treatment

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Evaluatoins, medication monitoring, continued assessment and ongoing treatment supervision overseen by staff psychiatrist, APN, and nurse.  

Limited Medical Services

Provides on-premise blood-work for medication monitoring, and primary care services performed by experienced medical doctor. 

Social/Recreational Services

Allows self-expression through dance, music and art, relationship group, team sports and health/awareness/exercise. 


Transportation Door-to-Door

Union, Essex, and Hudson counties and surrounding areas.


Case Management Services

 Housing, pre-vocational, goal planning, benefits, insurance and more.  

Group Discussion

Psycho-educational Services

Services for clients to include mental health and medication education.

Pre-Vocational Group

Assists consumers in general work skills and behaviors to prepare for work in the community.  

Mobile Computer Lab

Computer lab to increase computer literacy, treatment accessibility, and creativity.


Co-Occurring staff, groups, and services allow all clients access to high quality co-occurring treatment .

Financial Services

Money Management, financial and resource budgeting, and procurement and monitoring of income benefits.

Fitness and Nutrition

Full Wellness center featuring fitness gym and recreation rooms. Nutritional advisement and interventions

Consumer Outreach & Linkage

To facilitate or reengage consumers in wellness services and promote continuity of programming



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