Goals & Objectives

The Partial Care Program of Social Clubhouse has several primary goals and objectives underlying the daily operation.  We are committed to the principles of wellness and recovery:

  • To be person-centered in the process of restoring and developing a positive and meaningful sense of identity in the consumer apart from his/her mental illness. 
  • To encourage consumer self-determination and control over his/her own recovery. 
  • To facilitate community integration for every consumer. 
  • To empower each consumer to visualize, design, and achieve his/her own state of wellness and recovery to promote internal motivation. 
  • To be a program that is easily accessible, engaging each consumer in all phases of his/her illness and phases of recovery. 
  • To be a program that is flexibly designed to meet individual consumer needs. 
  • To be supportive of each consumers positive risk toward promotion of independence. 
  • To provide humane and respectful environment by being respectful listeners and communicators, collaborating with each consumer and families. 
  • To provide a broad range of support, including those from the consumer’s peers and through mutual self-help. 
  • To be integrated in approach in order to meet all the needs of the consumer. 
  • To foster a sense of purpose and meaning in the lives of each consumer. 
  • To promote informed consumerism, optimistic and informed about recovery, including work from a strengths-based focus. 
  • To provide relevant intervention and best practices to promote wellness and recovery.  

About Us

Social Clubhouse is a partial care day program for adults diagnosed with mental illness and substance use disorder. We're open daily Monday through Friday from 9:10 am to 3:50 pm. Our primary focus is to assist our members in finding their strengths and potential in order to enjoy an improved quality of life.


Contact Information

Phone: (973) 376-2500

Email: Socialclubhouse@yahoo.com

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